I'm Not Hiding

by Martin Strecker



In 2015 the Turkish authorities decided to ban the annual Gay Pride Parade through the main street of Istanbul - issuing the ban to the public less than 30 minutes before the parade would start.

With police called in from all over the country, the 30.000 pride participants were brutally scattered with tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets.

What was supposed to have been a display of love, respect and tolerance became a battlefield - leaving hundreds of gays, lesbians, transgender and straight allies in a state of chock.

Martin Strecker aka The Bear Princess was there - being gassed and hosed while journalists and politicians from all over Europe where on the phone, asking 'What exactly is happening in Istanbul?'

"We heard some one saying, that the police had gassed some pride-goers in one part of the Taksim Square, but we all looked at each other saying: 'No, the police are here for our protection - though we all thought the amount of police present were a bit dramatic. A few minutes later, we where gassed and hosed down…", Martin Strecker was quoted in news outlets.

This video is a photo collage, some by Martin Strecker and his friends others are public domain - where no credits are given.


All proceeds from the sales go directly to LGBTQ+ organisations in Istanbul, Turkey - to ensure the ongoing battle for love, respect & humanity and to fight against bigotry.

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released January 1, 2016

Ahmad Hamed

#GBOW Music int. Strexen Melodies int publ




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Martin Strecker Denmark

Danish born electronic-pop recording royalty
and song writer Martin Strecker. Currently based in Istanbul, Turkey.

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